Don’t be a victim this Christmas

In Warwickshire the chances of you or your family being the victim of crime are already low but by taking a few simple precautions you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime even further during this Christmas period.

When Christmas Shopping

  • Park in well lit public places; avoid isolated or dimly lit areas.
  • Get into the habit of not leaving any item in the car. do not leave objects on display
  • If you have to return to your car to unload purchases make sure that they are locked out of sight.
  • Avoid carrying too much around with you, the more bags you’ve got the more vulnerable you are.
  • Keep your purse or wallet somewhere close to your body where you can feel it.
  • If you carry your purse in a handbag make sure that the zip or clasp is kept closed and out of the way of pick pockets.
  • Take extra care with your credit cards over the Christmas period to reduce the chances of them being stolen or skimmed.
  • Be vigilant at cash machines. If you notice anything out of place or anyone hanging around nearby report it. Keep your PIN safe and put cash away safely before walking away.

At Home

  • Keep presents out of sight until last thing on Christmas Eve.
  • Try not to hide or store Christmas presents outside in the shed or garage.
  • Keep receipts and instruction manuals separate so that should the worst happen, you have evidence of what was taken.
  • Dispose of packaging carefully as empty boxes left outside will indicate that these goods are available inside.
  • Try not to position the Christmas tree or presents right in front of the window. This may attract attention from anyone passing.
  • When out of the house make sure all windows are locked. After dark make it appear as though someone is at home by using timer switches on lights or leaving a radio playing.

Out and About

  • Organise transport home before you leave, stay with your friends if possible and avoid confrontational situations.
  • Make sure someone knows where you’re going and what time you will be back.
  • When you walk try to appear confident and pay attention to what is going on around you. Keep to well lit routes and avoid dark areas. Do not use iPods or mobile phones.
  • If you have to telephone for a taxi, always try and use a firm you know and have the number programmed into your mobile phone. Always sit in the back, preferably behind the driver.

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