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Every community in Warwickshire has a local policing Safer Neighbourhood Team.

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Crime Mapping

The Lawrence Police Department supplies thorough criminal activity reporting details for the general public through Neighborhood Crime Map. Neighborhood Criminal Activity Map is an interactive public criminal offense mapping system…

Introduction by Nicholas Watkins

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As part of this, they are actively involved in the local Community Forum process, where local people are share their concerns, police related or otherwise. 

The Community Forum panel, comprising members of the Safer Neighbourhood team, local partners and community members, then looks at positive ways of addressing the priority issues, with progress reported back at subsequent meetings. The relevant team pages of this Safer Neighbourhood website are also updated regularly with details of these local priorities and actions.

Our aim is for everyone living or working in Warwickshire to know the name of their local Safer Neighbourhood team and how to contact them. This could be via email or telephone. Full details are listed under the relevant team section of this website.

I believe that Safer Neighbourhoods is the way forward and we aim to build on our successes and to actively look for new ways to engage with a wider cross-section of our local communities. With a greater understanding, we can achieve greater levels of protection and offer increased levels of reassurance.

If it matters to you, it matters to us – so let us know your concerns and we can work together with you and our partners to make a real difference within our local communities.”

National information about Safer Neighbourhoods is available from a number of websites. The are listed in the National Information & Linkssection on this site.

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Each Safer Neighbourhood team has its own homepage, where you will see your team's name, address, telephone number and a direct e-mail link. Team homepages will also contain information about meetings and events, local partners, and local priorities.
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