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Warwick Central Newsletter
01 September 2011
Warwick Central Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter
September 2011

Incident Overview for September 2011

Incident Type Figures
Anti Social Behaviour 55
Burglary Dwelling (Houses) 14
Burglary Other (Out buildings) 10
Criminal Damage 26
Theft From Motor Vehicle 25
Theft Of Motor Vehicle 2
Violence 13

Warwick Town Centre – PCSO 6230 TURNER

There has been an increase in purse thefts by using a distraction method such as asking for directions using a map, pretending to be foreign and asking someone to explain what is written on food packaging. People usually work groups of two or three, while one person distracts the other takes the purse. Please be extra vigilant and always secure your handbag.
Purse bells are available free of charge from Shire Hall or at the Community Forum on Thursday 6th October held at Warwick Gates Community Centre from 6pm until 8pm.
PCSO Emma TURNER has received some complaints about the buskers in town and has spoken to a couple of them to move them on.
Shop Watch is available to businesses and is free, similar to neighbourhood watch, all we require is an email address and you will be sent regular community alerts and have knowledge of what is going on in your town.
Please be on the look out for anyone acting suspiciously in the town. Any businesses that are interested in joining the Warwick retail Radio to help combat crime should speak to PCSO Emma Turner.
The Tuesday Police Surgery at Shire Hall at 2pm-4pm is still open for drop in or make an appointment.
A new Police Surgery will now be held at Sainsbury’s on the Saltisford every Thursday from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.
We will also now be available to speak to once a month on a Saturday in Market Place in town. A member of the Warwick Neighbourhood Policing team will be there during the morning in the mobile police station for you to get advice or just to have a friendly chat! For the duration of the MOP Fair the Mobile Police Station will be based outside St Mary’s Church.

Packmores Estate – PCSO 6144 BERNARDES

There has been an increase in theft of scrap metal from the business areas on the Packmores. Businesses have been offered advice on security and residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Police.
Parking issues have become an issue again along Lyttleton Road and Scarbank. Please be mindful of others when parking your car, avoid obstructing driveways, junctions, pavements, etc.
After some reports of anti-social behaviour on Woodcote road/Warwick train station the SNT have been patrolling the area on a regular basis, which has resulted in a decrease in calls to the area.
If you have any other issues you would like to bring to our attention feel free to drop in and have a chat with PCSO Steph Bernardes at her weekly surgery. The local Council Housing Officers will also be present to discuss issues with you. It is held every Wednesday at the Packmore Centre on Lyttleton Road between 11am and 12pm. You can also speak to the local housing officers for the Packmores area too.

Forbes Estate and Chase Meadow – PCSO 6158 TROTT

Individuals have been spoken to on Hampton Road after we received calls about anti social behaviour and damage to some vehicles. Regular patrols of the area are on going but please report any problems to us.
Chase Meadow has been subject to the theft of garden items. Please ensure back gates are kept locked and any high valued items are kept in the back garden and/or secured. Report anything suspicious to the Police.
On Saturday 17th September Chase Meadow had a fun day in the green area outside the Unicorn Public House. The weather held off and many families attended which made the afternoon a success.

Woodloes, Spinney Hill and the Percy Estate – PCSO 6215 PRICE

Unfortunately, Woodloes was subject to 3 burglaries over night on 16th September. All three houses had been left insecure and the offender/s had entered the properties and stole mobile phones, cash and purses/wallets. Enquiries are still on going. Please ensure that you lock your windows and doors when going to bed at night time or leaving your property unattended.
Also there has been thefts from motor vehicle which have been unlocked and unattended. Again, please secure your vehicles.
PCSO Louise PRICE attended the Woodloes AGM at the community centre, which is proving to be well used by a variety of groups and an essential part of society.
Distraction thefts have been prevalent in the car park of Tesco Store on the Emscote Road. Eastern Europeans usually working in small groups use a method whereby, they have a map (the distraction technique) to ask for directions and target generally women when they are loading the car with shopping. While one person is asking for the direction another person is taking their purse. Please be extra vigilant in car parks and when withdrawing cash out of atm’s. If you are suspicious phone the police immediately and do not talk to the individuals.

Warwick Gates, Shires Retail Park and Myton – PCSO 6158 TROTT
There have been a few thefts of catalytic converters from vans on the Heathcote. Please make sure all vehicles are left secure and if you do see anyone acting suspicious please report it to the Police.
A small amount of jewellery was taking in a burglary from a house on Myton Crescent, ongoing investigation are still on going. If you require any security advice please contact PCSO Pam TROTT on the details below.
There was a community sponsored walk at Myton School on 28th September, which was very successful and enjoyed by all.
Members of the team have completed a leaflet drop on Warwick Gates warning residents about Asian Gold Burglaries. The Police has unfortunately, seen a rise in the theft of Asian Gold due to the price of gold being at an all time high.
Warwickshire Police advises the following:
· Valuable items should always be kept locked up securely inside a safe, which is permanently fixed inside the house or securely put away a bank.
· Make sure that doors are kept locked, even when you are in the house and that windows are always closed if you go out, and when you go to bed.
· Use smart water to identify valuables.
A burger van got stolen from near the Plumb Centre, enquiries are ongoing.
A bicycle got taken from Tachbrook Park Drive; please ensure that you secure you bicycle when it is left unattended.

Good News

A CRASBO (Criminal Anti Social Behaviour Order) has been issued on James HOLLAND from Warwick.

PC Trent McMURRAY issued a fixed penalty notice to a male on his motorbike for excessive noise after we had received some complaints about the loud sound of his exhaust.

Our special constables had a very productive night when they took our speed gun out and issued two fixed penalty notices and seized a vehicle for no insurance.

There was a street caution given to a male for possession of a Class B drug and also a large amount of Cannabis seized from Portobello Way.

Two Eastern Europeans were arrested for theft after PCSO Louise PRICE followed a suspicious looking car. A male and a female were found to have nearly £700 worth of items they had stolen from Tesco, Emscote Road.

Upcoming Events
Packmores Surgery - Every Weds - 11am till 12pm

The Gap Surgery – Friday 7th and 21st October – 12pm till 1pm

Mobile Police Station – St Mary’s Church– For the duration of the Mop Fair

Community Forum – Warwick Gates Community Forum – Thurs 6th October – 6pm till 8pm

Fusiliers Parade – Starting in Northgate Street – Sunday 9th October – 3pm

High Sheriffs Parade – Starting in Northgate Street – Monday 10th October – 11am

The MOP Fair – Warwick Town Centre – 14th & 15th October – Evening

The Runaway MOP – Warwick Town Centre – 21st & 22nd October - Evening


The local P.C.S.O’s are trying to relaunch the Neighbourhood watch schemes in the Warwick area. Our aim is to try to set up a scheme for each street. To do this we need a volunteer with Internet access from each street that will act as the co-ordinator. This person will receive emails from the police updating them about issues that have happened relevant to each street or area. The co-ordinator will then forward on the email to the local residents to keep them updated. If you are interested in becoming a part of NHW please ring the SNT on the number below.

We are currently in the process of setting up Community Speed Watch operations. We are looking for members of the public who feel that they would have some spare time to help us to combat speeding in the Warwick area. It is a great opportunity to help your local community and keep our roads safe. If you are interested please contact us!

If you have any further information concerning any of the above incidents please contact the team on 01926 684361. The team aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Please note the above number for the Warwick Central team is not manned 24/7

If you wish to report a crime contact the central crime desk number on 01926 451111 or alternatively you can call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If it’s urgent please dial 999.

Warwick Central Safer Neighbourhood Team
Warwick Police Station
Priory Road
CV34 4NA
01926 684361
Email: wrc.snt@warwickshire.police.uk

Please note that PCSO Lauren Dwyer and PCSO Sharon Southam are now both on maternity leave so please redirect your enquiries to another member of the team.


PS Allison Wiggin, PC Trent McMurray, PCSO Louise Price, PCSO Steph Bernardes, PCSO Pam Trott and PCSO Emma Turner

Call us on:

01926 684361

or email us now
Warwick Central SNT

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