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Warwick Rural Eastern Express 08/02/2012 - 02/03/2012 inclusive.
04 March 2012
Crime Trends
Please be vigilant and make sure vehicles and property are secure.


Please be aware of ‘Rogue Traders’. There have been recent incident(s) reported on the WRE area regarding ‘rogue traders’. We advise that you contact a legitimate company if you require any building and/or maintenance work to be done. Two males were reported to have been given money to conduct some maintenance work but made off shortly after receiving payment, no work was carried out. DO NOT give any money before completion of work unless going through a legitimate company/business with the appropriate agreement(s) in place. If you are suspicious of any person(s) knocking doors etc, please do not hesitate to dial 101 and report them. If you feel at risk/harm in anyway, do not hesitate to dial 999.
If you would like a visit from a member of WRE SNT regarding Crime Prevention for your property, please contact the team on the contact details at the end of the newsletter.


There have been a high number of power line cable thefts in the area over the last month. Please report any suspicious activity to Warwickshire Police Force by either dialling 101 or 01926 41500 and opting for Crimedesk, please dial 999 at the time of theft, should the theft be being witnessed. Since the last newsletter was published/distributed, there have been four incidents of power line cable theft reported on the WRE area. In the location(s) of Furzen Hill, Hunningham, Hunningham Hill and Stareton. This has resulted in temporary loss of power to residential and/or business premises in the locality where the theft has occurred. Due to the cost of repair and loss of power supply to properties occurring due to such thefts, we would like to ask that you remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity regarding this type of incident. Please inform us ASAP. You wouldn’t want loss of power to your property.



Burglary: Between Friday 20/01/2012 and Friday 10/01/2012 unknown offender(s) entered an insecure garage to the rear of a property on Coventry Road. A pedal cycle was stolen. Please ensure that your outbuildings are secure.

Theft: Between 1030hrs and 1045hrs Thursday 23/02/2012 unknown offender(s) stole a power tool from the rear of an insecure vehicle parked in the car park of a licensed premise situated along the Rugby Road.

Burglary/Theft: Between 2230hrs Tuesday 28/02/2012 and 0650hrs Wednesday 29/02/2012 unknown offender(s) broke in to a shed situated on the front of a property along the Rugby Road and removed a motorcycle and a disabled mountain buggy, the second motorcycle was situated on the drive of the property. Two motorcycles and a disabled mountain buggy were stolen. An unknown Transit type van was seen outside the property at approximately 0000hrs Wednesday 29/02/2012.

This is a good reason to join Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) in your area. NHW doesn’t just benefit the local community in which YOU live but also YOU and YOUR PROPERTY. If you would like to join NHW please contact WRE SNT and we will pass on your details to the appropriate co-ordinator.


Theft: Between 2200hrs Sunday 12/02/2012 and approximately 0120hrs Monday 13/02/2012 unknown offender(s) broke into a vehicle, which was parked on the car park of a licensed premise situated along the Coventry Road. Offender(s) smashed the front nearside window and stole a quantity of cash from the glove box.

Theft: Between 1800hrs Tuesday 21/02/2012 and 0900hrs Wednesday 22/02/2012 unknown offender(s) stole a metal lynch gate from the outside of a religious place of worship situated on Church Road.
Theft: Between 2230hrs Wednesday 29/02/2012 and 0800hrs Thursday 01/03/2012 unknown offender(s) stole both front and rear vehicle registration plates from a vehicle parked outside a property on Rowley Road.

Radford Semele

Burglary: Between 1100hrs Friday 10/02/2012 and 1100hrs Friday 17/02/2012 unknown offender(s) broke into a shed at the rear of a property situated on Southam Road. A petrol strimmer was stolen.


Burglary: Between 0130hrs and 0645hrs Thursday 09/02/2012 unknown offender(s) broke into a garage at the front of a property situated on the junction of Coventry Road and Birmingham Road. Padlocks were bolt cropped to gain entry, power tools were stolen.

Theft: At approximately 1535hrs Monday 13/02/2012 unknown offender(s) stole a quantity of metal from the front of a property in Hall Close. A male wearing a flat cap and orange high visibility vest was seen taking the metal; the alleged offender was seen to drive off in a transit type vehicle.

Middlemarch Business Park

Theft: Between 1140hrs and 1145hrs Wednesday 22/02/2012 unknown offender(s) drove onto the site of a business situated on Siskin Parkway East. The offender(s) were seen driving off of the site in a flat bed Transit type vehicle having their vehicle loaded with newly acquired metal.
The metal was stolen from the rear of the business site. Offender(s) went off in an unknown direction of travel.

Ashow – Baginton – Blackdown – Bubbenhall – Cryfield – Cubbington – Eathorpe – Hunningham – Hunningham Hill – Offchurch – Old Milverton – Radford Semele – Stareton – Stoneleigh – Stoneleigh Showground (NAC) – Warwickshire University (Cryfield, Hurst, Redfern, Radcliffe, Lakeside, Scarman, Heronbank, Business School) – Wappenbury – Weston-Under-Wetherley.
This is the regular newsletter for the Warwick Rural East team. Between 08/02/2012 and 02/03/2012 there have been 124 incidents reported to Warwickshire Police and recorded on the forces command and control system for the WRE area. Out of those incidents:

· 1 Rowdy/nuisance
· 37 Road related (incl RTC and breakdowns):
· 23 Theft (inc theft from motor vehicles and burglary incidents)
· 4 Damage incident(s)
· 10 Suspicious Circumstance(s)
· 2 Alarm(s)
· 1 Neighbour Dispute(s)
· 4 Domestic(s)

Police News/Local Information
WRE SNT location move: Warwick Rural East SNT is now based in a satellite office at Jubilee House (what was Kenilworth Police Station) next to Kenilworth Direct/Library.

Community Forum

The next Community Forum is on Thursday 19th April 2012, at Offchurch Village Hall, School Hill, Offchurch. The meeting commences at 1930hrs, doors open at 1900hrs. Please arrive promptly so that the meeting can start on time.

Policing priorities given by the Warwick Rural East Community Forum on the 19/01/2012 to be completed by 19/04/2012 listed below.

All priorities given to WRE SNT to be completed by 19/01/2012 were completed 100%.

Policing priorities given by the Warwick Rural East Community Forum on the 19/01/2012 to be completed by 19/04/2012.
1. In order to prevent speeding and associated road related harm, provide a minimum of 5 speed enforcement/checks on Rugby Road, Cubbington.
2. In order to prevent speeding and associated road related harm, provide a minimum of 5 speed enforcement/checks on Coventry Road, Baginton.
3. In order to prevent and detect instance of ASB around Cubbington village hall, recreational land and surrounding area, provide a minimum of 15 dedicated high visibility patrols at the location.
4. In support of other initiatives and the current reduction in burglaries to student residences on the University campus, conduct a minimum of 15 dedicated reassurance patrols around the halls of residence to offer reassurance and identify vulnerable rooms, offering suitable advice to occupants.

Mobile Police Station Dates

CUBBINGTON VILLAGE HALL CAR PARK for Cubbington, held at the Village Hall on Broadway: Sunday 11th March 2012 between 1200hrs and 1230hrs.

March/April TBA

The mobile police stations offer an opportunity for residents of Warwick Rural East to speak with a local SNT officer with regards to any local issues or problems. Times and dates may change due to operational circumstances.

Warwick University
Security Alert: Over the coming months please keep your valuables out of site and remember to secure your window(s). Due to continued enhanced patrols, we have seen a decrease in burglaries on campus. WRE SNT will continue to patrol over the winter/spring months and would like to request that all students and staff remain vigilant. If you witness anyone committing an offence dial 999 whilst the offence is taking place but do not put yourselves in any danger by approaching potential offender(s). Warwick Rural East SNT are conducting enhanced patrols, to try and catch and identify offender(s).

Burglary: In the early hours of Wednesday 25/01/2012, unknown offender(s) forced the window to a bedroom belonging to ground floor halls of residence at Cryfield 1, Cryfield Halls.
KEEP ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS LOCKED WHEN YOUR ROOM IS VACANT. Even if your only going to the kitchen/bathroom for a couple of minutes. It only takes that amount of time for an offender to commit an offence. Laptops have been stolen, which contained coursework. IS IT WORTH LOSING ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK, AS WELL AS YOUR VALUABLES? KEEP VALUABLES OUT OF SIGHT. For crime prevention advice please feel free to contact us, your Safer Neighbourhood Team (WRE SNT) Contacts at the end of the newsletter.

Contact Details
If you have any further information concerning any of the above incidents or would like to speak to a WRE SNT officer about any local concerns or issues please contact the team on 01926 684471 or you can email at wre.snt@warwickshire.police.uk The team aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours (rest days, abstractions etc may cause a delay responding).

Please note, the above number for the Warwick Rural East team is not staffed 24/7.
Your teams local website is www.safer-neighbourhoods.co.uk/wre
If you wish to report a crime contact the central crime desk number on 01926 415000 or 101.
If its urgent dial 999. All non-urgent calls dial 101.

Regards: PS Dave Kettle, PC Adriano Towle, PCSO Jackie Pimlott,
PCSO Ed King and SC James King.

Call us on:

01926 684471

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Warwick Rural East SNT

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