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Contribute to your local Community Forum online - (LSN)

by Sasha last modified 08 October 2010 01:58 PM

Contribute to your local Community Forum online

What are Community Forums?
Community Forum meetings are regular meetings where Safer Neighbourhood Teams, members of the public, local agencies such as The Youth Service, The District Council, the County Council and other local agencies discuss issues within the local neighbourhood. The meetings give members of the public the chance to raise issues for the authorities to tackle. Actions and results are reported at future meetings and new priorities are then set.

If you cant get to a meeting why not contribute now online.
To ensure we tackle the issues that matter most locally we need input from as many people as possible within local communities. However if you find it difficult to get to these meetings but have an issue you would like to be raised, you can complete our online survey below and your concerns will be raised at the next meeting.

Alternatively visit your Safer Neighbourhood Team page on this site to find out the details of your next local Community Forum meeting.

Q1 What are the top three issues you would most like your Safer Neighbourhood team to tackle AND specifically where do these problems occur?

Issue 1

Location of issue 1

Issue 2

Location of issue 2

Issue 3

Location of issue 3

Q2 Before today, did you know the names of your Safer Neighbourhood team and how to contact them?


Please indicate if you would like to be contacted by a member of your local Safer Neighbourhood team:


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Your views will still be taken into account even if you choose not to complete these details.

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