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If you see something suspicious then report it!

by Southam Team last modified 29 January 2012 02:27 PM
If you see something suspicious then report it!

Southam SNT believes that communication is the key to developing the communities that we all strive to live in. To this end we would like to encourage all members of the Southam wards to be alert and report any suspicious vehicles, people or incidents that they see.

Our team have received great intelligence from our community, which has resulted in positive action being taken by the team. We would like to encourage more information like this and for you to spread the word to your neighbours and other members of the community.

The team operates neighbourhood watch and farm watch schemes in your parish. If you wish to be involved then please email the team with your email address and best contact number so that we can add you to our growing list. The two schemes are designed to be a system of passing information of suspicious activity in your community and are not designed to replace reporting crimes or incidents to our control room.

If you would like to sign up for Farm Watch or Neighbourhood Watch then please contact PCSO Claire MUARRY for a membership form. Please remember that these schemes are free to join. The schemes let you receive alerts for your local area.

The information we would endeavour to keep and pass on to us would be:
1. What is the colour of the vehicle?
2. What type of vehicle. Is it a van or car?
3. What make is it? For example is it a Ford
4. What model is it? For example is it a Focus
5. What is its registration number? Even part of a registration number can assist us.
6. Are there any features that stick in your mind? For example is there a different coloured doors or bonnet. Is there anything that will remind you of that vehicle?

1. Are they male or female?
2. What colour are they?
3. How old do you suspect they are?
4. How tall do you suspect they are?
5. What build would you describe them as?
6. What colour and length of hair have they got?
7. What complexion have they got?
7. What, if any, distinguishing features have they? Is there anything that will remind you of that person?
8. What are they wearing? Start from the top and work down to their shoes
9. Are they carrying anything?
10. What makes you suspect that they are suspicious?

If you have any information you would like to share please use the following details:
PC 1854 Jim BUTLER – 07795 052815
PCSO 6099 Kat TAYLOR – 07919 887674
PCSO 6164 Matt HODGETTS – 07771 973499
PCSO 6247 Claire MURRAY – 07919 887674
Email -

If you see something suspicious then we encourage you to contact our control room by dialling 101. If you something happening that requires an emergency response then please contact our control room on 999.

Your communities are important to us. Help us protect them.

Call us on:

01926 684984

or email us now
Southam SNT

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