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Rugby Rural Central Newsletter - August 2011
10 August 2011
Home Security During the Summer Months

The summer is here which means doors and windows are being left open. This means that burglaries may increase if homes are not secure. We can all be guilty, when we are in the back garden having a BBQ or when we go to bed, of leaving the downstairs windows open for ventilation. A few simple measures will help prevent you becoming a statistic:

When you are in your rear garden, ensure all your front windows and doors are locked and securely shut.

When you go to bed secure all downstairs windows and those that are accessible from flat roofs.

Home Security During the Summer Months

When you are at home in the lounge watching TV ensure all of your doors are locked.

Keep valuables away from open windows.

Enjoy the summer and don’t let opportunistic burglars ruin the holiday period.

Reassurance in Your Neighbourhood
Your local policing teams are currently stepping up patrols to show an increased presence within the current national climate of unrest and disorder. Our main aim is to provide a visible and reassuring presence and to ensure that normality reigns throughout the Rugby area. As always, we are keen to work with our communities and we would encourage anyone who has any information that may be relevant to come forward and speak with us in total confidence. We look forward to seeing you all whilst out on patrol.
Reassurance in Your Neighbourhood

Community Forum Time is Fast Approaching

The next Community Forum for the Rural Central area will take place on Thursday 15th September 2011. This is your chance to shape the way in which your area is policed by suggesting which priority areas the police should dedicate a certain amount of time to. If you would like to speak to a member of the team on a face-to-face and confidential basis then you can attend the drop-in surgery session before the main meeting begins. The surgery takes place form 1900hrs and the main meeting begins at 1930hrs.

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