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Current Nuneaton & Bedworth District ASBOs and CRASBOs

by Sasha last modified 20 May 2007 08:21 AM

Current Nuneaton & Bedworth District ASBOs and CRASBOs

Images of offenders subject to Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (CRASBOs) are being published on this website.

The Force has taken this unprecedented step to encourage good behaviour by the individuals, to alert the public to the unacceptable conduct of these people in the past and to encourage members of the public to report anyone who has or is breaking the terms of their order.

To view information on the ASBOs and CRASBOs for this district, please click the relevant link below:

Current Nuneaton & Bedworth District ASBOs and CRASBOs

It is very difficult to define Anti Social Behaviour, and it is generally addressed with a ‘common sense’ approach. Put simply ‘anti social behaviour is a description of whatever ‘minor’ problem intrudes on the daily life of the community and leads to calls for police service.

It only takes a few individuals or families to cause the community misery and havoc and in recent years great steps have been taken towards tackling this. By giving public bodies the powers they need to address this unacceptable behaviour it is not allowed to go unchecked.

The idea of an Anti Social Behaviour Act was first introduced in 1995 and Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO’s) have become a vital part of the expanding legal framework to tackle nuisance and anti social behaviour.

‘The Crime & Disorder Act 1998 introduced anti social behaviour orders, which are now becoming an established method for dealing with people who fail to conform to the normal tenants of social behaviour. Both the northern and Southern Area have mechanisms for collecting and presenting evidence in the civil courts, which will secure ASBO’s.’ (taken from Warwickshire Police Policy C9/2/16-7/03.)

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