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Meeting Event
Community Engagement- Polesworth Abbey Green Car Park 04/12/2014
Area Forum Meeting - North 18/11/2014
Baddesley Badgers 10k Race 03/08/2014
Polesworth Carnival 30/06/2014
Polesworth Carnival 29/06/2014
News letter (27 March 2013) 27/03/2013
Is there "Illegal Gardening" near YOU! (14 June 2012) 16/06/2012
Scrap Metal and Catalytic Convertor Thefts (14 June 2012) 16/06/2012
Baddesley & Baxterley Newsletter (14 June 2012) 16/06/2012
N63H - POLESWORTH EAST (17 January 2012) 17/01/2012
Lynn Kesterton 27/03/2013
Jo Owen 27/03/2013
Louise Hargreaves 27/03/2013
Edward May 27/03/2013
Polesworth High School 27/03/2013
Anti Social Behaviour Abbey Green Flats car park and Tithe Barn Polesworth 08/09/2014
Anti Social Behaviour Speedwell Lane Recreation Area 08/09/2014
Nuisance Motorcycles using the Common footpaths Baddesley Ensor Common, Folly Lane & Baxterley 28/06/2014
Speed Reduction through Alvecote Village. 11/07/2013
Illegal Parking at Long St. & Browns Lane Dordon. 11/07/2013
Simple Page
Operation Bittern Bites 14/02/2015
Vehicles Seized in dordon 14/02/2015
Alcohol Seized of Youths in Polesworth 14/12/2014
Drugs Seized in Newton Regis 14/12/2014
Checks on Pubs 11/12/2014
Wanted man identified in Polesworth 27/03/2013
Warwickshire Police - Burglar arrested 27/03/2013
Safety Talk Given by PCSOs. 27/07/2012
Is there a house cultivating cannabis near YOU! 16/06/2012
North Warwickshire Metal Thefts 16/06/2012
Team Leader
Sergeant 1648 Mitch Oakley 07/02/2015
Team Member
Police Constable 0382 Leon Carter 07/02/2015
Special Constable 3449 Mark Perry 28/06/2014
Special Constable 3464 Ryan Price 28/06/2014
Special Sergeant 3705 Joseph Dicken 28/06/2014
Police Community Support Officer 6098 Simeon Hodson 28/06/2014
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